Let it sink in that Simone could compete in the next Commonwealth Games for Belize!!

Wait. Where is this coming from?

she tweeted about becoming a citizen of belize

but does this mean that…

USA (USAG/USOC) would have to release her for her to get an immediate FIG licensee with Belize or else she would have to sit out a waiting period to be able to compete for them. Also Talia Chiarelli isn’t a dual citizen, she’s a Canadian citizen who is a “permanent resident” (green card). Not really sure how she was allowed to compete at US nationals, but she definitely doesnt have US citizenship. However if Talia ended up being the next Nadia, they probably could have tried to expedite US citizenship for her (see Tanith Belbin before Turin.) 







This just makes me wish she had continued bars. Cause like, yeah the D was low and yeah she was terrified, but her form is quite nice, the only time her legs come apart is right after the release. Asac y’all.

I’m convinced that if Brestyan wasn’t pure shit as a bars coach, she would have been a better AAer than Aly, and she could have even gotten a World medal.

Agreed! But didn’t Alicia have a huge fear of bars? I mean didn’t Cheng Fei who had the best bar coaches in the world available to her couldn’t get over her fear of it either. I think it was her anyway.

But I think that this has to be also an issue with Mihai. Probably he didn’t know how to develop a good training on bars and it caused a psychological issue to his gymnasts because they didn’t feel secure on them. I don’t remember a Brestyan’s girl who was good at UB, so imo it has to be a problem with the training programme. Also don’t forget that he is Romanian hahaha!

Brestyan’s L10s are great at bars, so maybe it’s not Mihai.

Um Brestyan’s L10 have NEVER had good results on bars. If you look at a lot of their level 10s it’s mid 9s on V, BB, FX and then like 8s on UB. Examples from JO Nationals:

Khazia Hislop: 


Aya Mahgoub: 


535Cortni Baker R6-Brestyans 9.550  8.925  9.400  9.225  37.100

Nicole Swirbalus R6-Brestyans 9.350  8.575  9.275  9.225  36.425

53Olivia Sinrich R6-Brestyans 8.950  7.025  9.200  9.200



Can we get #boycottgymnastike or #gymnastikesucks or something trending on twitter??

Peeps also tweet your range not only to gymnastike @gymnastike but @annegymnastike and @flocasts as well!

Also maybe tweet some coaches like Kim Z-B/Geddert/Aimee and tell them they might want to think twice before letting these people have access to their athletes (that they might in turn exploit for click bait.)